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Relax Kids

A Dose of ‘Relax Kids’ A Day Can Keep The Doctor Away

For many of us, the onset of winter signals the time for us to stock up on a multitude of ‘behind the counter’ medicines and tissues. The long winter months result in most of us catching some sort of acute illness and schools can be a common breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This can be a miserable time for parents and children, whose immune systems often take a beating.

For parents who are concerned about their child’s health, they can focus on boosting their child’s immune system by combining something as simple as relaxation and a healthy eating plan. Relaxation and simple stretches have been proven to help strengthen and balance the immune system - and is lots of fun for children too!

Relax Kids offers children and parents an easy - and magical - way to rest and relax whilst building up a strong immune system. When children meditate and listen to Relax Kids relaxations, they go into a state of peace and calm. They experience positive feelings, which causes them to release natural endorphins, which can help build the immune system.

Blocked sinuses, headaches and sore eyes are all caused by the mucus-producing process within the immune system, which attacks the innocuous invaders. Through relaxation, the nervous system can tell the immune system to settle down and stop attacking these foreign bodies. When the immune system backs off, inflammation and mucus decrease and symptoms diminish. Relaxing the nervous system has been shown to help direct the immune system to attack the viruses and bacteria that increase in colder weather.

Colds are caused by bacteria and affect the upper respiratory system, causing stuffiness, coughing, sore throat and the other common symptoms. If the immune system is weak, the bacteria can penetrate the lungs and may cause bronchitis or pneumonia. If children are given the opportunity to totally relax their bodies - and therefore their immune systems - they will be armed with such a powerful tool that they can use throughout their lives.

‘Top Tips’ For Beating The Winter Blues

Good Mood Food
Cut down on sugary snacks that meddle with the blood sugar and can affect mood. Lots of fresh vegetable soup will bring winter cheer to your family table. Bananas are a great mood enhancer and provide lots of mental energy. They contain serotonin, a mood lifting substance and dopamine, which is great for emotional balance,

Have Fun
When it is dull, the last thing you want to do is take the children outside. Getting the kids to have fun and exercise in the open air will bring them more energy and make them feel great. Even running and jumping in puddles will increase their heart rate and give them a ‘feel great’ factor!

Hugs & Cuddles
There is nothing better on a winter’s day, than snuggling up and having a cuddle. Lots of hugs and cuddles will remind your child that he/she is loved, which can improve a child’s behaviour. Try some gentle massage strokes on your child’s back, forehead or arms. Better still, see if they will give you a massage back!

Water Everywhere!
The heavens are opening at this time of year and water is everywhere outside. It is easy to remember to take water inside when the weather is hot, but easily forgotten in rainy weather. Water will help flush out toxins and helps the nervous system work better, so improving your child’s mood and brain power.

Music is a great mood enhancer. Pop on some fun and lively music and get the family dancing in the living room. You’ll feel so much better after a good dance than watching reality TV.

Stay Light
We can often feel low in winter, as we are taking in less sunlight and many adults and some children are affected by Seasonal Affected Disorder. Even though the sun may not be streaming through your windows, it’s important to make sure the children get enough natural daylight.

Be Cosy
Often when it is so cold outside, we can feel quite miserable as we yearn for the warm summer months. Make the winter fun and wrap up in bright warm hats and coats. Find some cosy family activities such as cuddling up with a book, drinking hot chocolate, building a den with lots of warm blankets.

Make sure your family has lots of laughs together. Children are great at this. Children love making up jokes or you could dig out an old joke book or even find some on the Internet. You could have family stand-up nights where each member entertains the rest of the family. An easier option could be watching a funny DVD together.

Do a Good Deed
There is nothing better than doing something good for someone else. It would be a treat for the whole family to work together and do something lovely for someone that needs it. Watch everyone’s mood change as you see the happy face of the recipient.

If you do nothing else on this list, but smile, you will be on your way to beating the winter blues. Ask your family to try to smile but have really sad thoughts. Now make a really sad face while having happy thoughts. It is amazing that it is virtually impossible. The more we smile, the better we will feel about ourselves and others.