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Choosing Baby Prams, Car Seats, High Chairs and Nappies

Special Thanks to Harmony at Home for supplying the information

See Baby Equipment and Baby Clothing supplies HERE

What to Buy (the bare essentials):

Sleeping - Cot, mattress, bedding - 2 fitted sheets, 2 flat sheets, 2 cell blankets
Breast Feeding - 2 Nursing bras, 1 Sleep Nursing bra, breast pads
Bottle Feeding - Set of 6 Bottles, Bottle brush, Steriliser, Powdered Milk
Nappies - Disposables, Reusable - Your council may provide a free starter pack
Clothing - 8 vests, 8 sleep suits, 2 cardigans, 1 all in one coat, muslin Squares
Out and About - Pram & or Buggy suitable from birth. Car seat. Baby Sling if breastfeeding choose one suitable for breastfeeding
Toiletries - Baby bath, olive oil, shampoo, cotton wool, nappy sacks
Weaning - Ice cube trays, storage containers and recipe book. Bibs & Spoons. Feeding Chair / High Chair

Baby Extras
In addition to baby bare essentials, these are items you will think about buying.

Although tempting to buy lots of toys, never underestimate how many toys you will receive from friends and family.
Changing Bag:
Any decent sized bag or rucksack does the job.
Baby Bath:
You can use a large sink, or normal bath
Changing Station:
A changing mat on top of a sturdy chest of drawers, which is the right height works just as well.
Baby Chair:
Cushions work well to support the baby in a sitting position.
Moses Basket / Crib:
A cot is suitable from birth.
Baby Monitor:
Only essential if you are unable to hear your baby crying in their room, from other areas of the house.
Natural Sponge:
Cotton wool works well in the bath, although can get ‘stringy’.
Room / Bath Thermometer:
If you are unsure of a good temperature for the bedroom /bath this can bring peace of mind.
Top & Tail Bowl:
Any Tupperware pot works well
Bucket with a Lid:
You may already have a bucket & lid; this is helpful for soaking clothes / nappies / muslins.
Nappy Bin:
A hygienic way to store dirty nappies in the house. Alternatively put dirty nappies straight in the outside bin.
Bottle Warmer: :
Not necessary, but can be useful to warm night time feeds in the bedroom if bottle feeding.
Breast Pump:
Only once milk is established. You can express by hand or hire pumps.
Feeding support pillows:
Useful during pregnancy, for support in bed and afterwards to help support the baby whilst feeding. Not essential as ordinary pillows work well too.

Don’t forget to make good use of free services:

Dental - during pregnancy and for one year after the birth.
Prescriptions - free NHS prescriptions during pregnancy and for one year after the birth.