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Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems in Isle of Wight

Parent coaching companies help families cope with everyday life. Gain confidence and become a better parent. Parents with sleepness nights can take the first step to a full night's sleep with help and advice from professionals


psychologists for families

Specialists in psychological assessment and treatment

KindleKids is a child psychology service run by an experienced highly specialist Chartered Clinical Child Psychologist and specialist team. We work together with parents (and schools where appropriate) to assess, understand, support and provide strategies for managing a range of difficulties and concerns. We offer:

  • Educational / Psychological Assessment
  • Therapeutic support to children and teenagers
  • Parenting support
  • Consultation to schools

We can help with a range of emotional, behavioural, social and learning issues that may be contributing to a child or teenager feeling unhappy, lacking in confidence or feeling out of control. Following psychological assessment, the child psychologist works with parents so that individual treatment plans can be developed to support them and their families in understanding and addressing their difficulties while at the same time acknowledging and nurturing their relative strengths, in order to help them to reach their potential.

Please see our website for parenting tips and more information about who we are, how we can help and what we offer.




NEW ONLINE COURSE: P.O.W.E.R. - Psychology of Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience
Empowering Parents and Children

This innovative 8-session course is full of practical strategies to equip parents and children with essential life skills for managing emotions, developing confidence, and promoting general mental health and wellbeing. Modules on:

1. Emotional wellbeing and understanding overwhelm
2. Thinking about Thinking
3. Strategies for understanding and managing anxiety
4. More on Anxiety, including sleep and separation anxiety.
5. Unravelling anger
6. Kindling confidence
7. Skills for successful socialising
8. More on parenting and behaviour

Filled with practical tips, lots of strategies and worksheets to accompany every session.

All 8 sessions for the price of one hour of individual support
£180 for lifetime access for the purchaser.

What people are saying:
I have found this course really enlightening and I have been surprised at how much of it is applicable to my life and my family. I have learnt so much and feel that Leanne has a wonderful expertise in this field. By doing this course ( as opposed to taking my child to a therapist ) I am now able to offer support myself, model behaviour and improve communication with my children . I didn’t realise I could be so instrumental in helping my children with the difficulties they face, and I feel almost privileged to be sharing this journey with them now. Leanne has given me more confidence to be able to help my children manage their anxiety in a healthy way, and to ultimately encourage them to be the best that they can be. Thank you! Claire (children 9 & 13)

The POWER course is packed with valuable insights, clever analogies and practical strategies for helping children cope with anxiety, anger and social challenges. In particular, the course helped me, as a parent, better understand my children. I connected with the gentle approaches for encouraging communication and optimism. Thank you! Nili (children 9 & 12) The POWER course highlighted the vital elements underpinning emotional wellbeing and offered really useful strategies and techniques to bring about positive change. Leanne presents a comprehensive guide to understanding a child’s anxiety, underlining the fundamental role that parents play in both building a calmer environment and facilitating a more resilient mindset for children. A valuable resource for parents to retain, revisit and incorporate into the everyday care of children’s mental health. Naomi (children with ASD and ADHD aged 16 & 13)


0203 422 6333

Category: Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems


Journey into Parenting

Parent Coaching, Advice & Support

Parents often come to me because their child is struggling with meltdowns, having a hard time fitting in at school, hitting or struggling around anxiety or food.

As a certified Parent Coach, I can teach you the skills to support your child more effectively - learning tools around emotional regulation, boundaries, and communication for improved parent-child relationships.

I can support you and your child on topics such as:

1. Divorce or separation
2. Handling teenage mood swings
3. What to do about temper tantrums
4. Managing sleep concerns
5. Handling screen addiction
6. Challenges at school

And much more. Please reach out for a free discovery call about my parent coaching packages.

Based in Bristol, I am available online for coaching nationally

Helping others parent joyfully is my mission!

Email: [email protected]


07507 523163

Category: Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems


Counselling for kids

NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy & counselling therapists for children & teens

At NLP4Kids we help children and their families overcome a vast range of problems. Typically these fall into the mild mental health and wellbeing areas such as anxiety, confidence issues, habits and phobias though we can help with more serious problems such as self harming, eating disorders and learning difficulties too.

Our practitioners are all DBS checked, insured and have undertaken first aid and safeguarding training. They work in schools and in the community delivering sessions one to one with young people and in workshops too. In addition, our practitioners attend retraining and have access to ongoing professional development.

Whilst we are not counsellors or psychotherapists, our work can be similar to these methodologies. NLP (neuro linguistic programming) has some similarity to CBT too, but tends to work on a more emotional (rather than just cognitive) level.

There are many different elements to NLP. Some of it works with our internal thinking and the quality of those thoughts. Other aspects of NLP focus on communication, managing emotions and developing better responses to challenging situations.

Many of our practitioners have trained in additional therapies, such as hypnotherapy.

As well as working with children and teenagers, we also work with parents and teachers or others who have influence and intervention with young people. This could be via workshops or in one to one coaching sessions.

Whether you are struggling to support a stressed out child or are finding it a challenge to engage your teenager in conversation, our practitioners are here to support you and your family. We always make sure that we create a good “fit” between the practitioner and the child and our free consultation sessions go a long way to ensure you find someone who will help you to achieve rapid lasting change.


0203 6677294


07849 604582 (Mobile & Whatsapp)

Category: Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems


Counselling for children

Providing accessible counselling to young people within 48-72 hours

Therapy Centre Services Ltd is an established talking therapy service. Established in 2019 and providing affordable and accessible counselling across the UK to anyone from 6-years-old.

Email: [email protected]

Face-to-face sessions across the Midlands – Online/Telephone sessions across the UK.


01905 972433


07895 796857

Category: Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems



Children's mindful therapy

Are you struggling to find the help you need for your child?

As a qualified doctor with twenty years’ experience in the NHS, Kerry has developed a deep understanding of medical and psychological issues.

Trained in clinical hypnotherapy and a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches, including Mindfulness, CBT, Solution-focused therapy, coaching and EMDR, Kerry creates bespoke holistic therapy solutions. She is skilled in helping children and teenagers to master their own emotional, behavioural and medical problems.

Email or call Kerry to find out more.

Address: 11 Manor Green Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 7ES


0800 0025892


07889 721159

Category: Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems


Emerald Parent Coaching

Have you ever wished that children came with a manual?

One ordinary day, seemingly just like any other you become a parent. And you spend the next few years wondering what on earth has hit you. You would like a reliable source of advice to turn to, to help you with the most important yet demanding role of your life?

So how do you learn to deal with amongst others -

  • What happens when you become a new parent!
  • Balancing work and family!
  • Increased stress!
  • Your child's behaviour!
  • Changes to you and your partners relationship!
  • Why you are the parent you are!
    • Jackie Grier is a nurse, Health visitor and coach with 20 years experience, working with both parents and professionals. She has a flexible, affordable, approach to coaching that suits your needs and lifestyle as a busy parent.

      Parent coaching at Emerald is offered on the telephone, face to face and in group workshops. So if you would like to be a more confident parent, understand that you are the expert on your children and learn to trust your own judgement contact Emerald Parent Coaching and..

      become the parent you were always meant to be ...


      (01453) 791409

      Category: Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems


      Children's therapist

      Providing Affordable Counselling and Therapy for Children & Adults UK Wide

      About You UK is a national charitable organisation that provides counselling and therapy for children aged 5 to 16 and Adults 16+

      It is provided by qualified counsellors who have additional specialist training in working with children and families. Each counsellor is Police checked (DBS).

      About You UK uses Clinical Governance to assess children’s emotional issues before, during and at the end of therapy.

      We work with children and adults who have a broad range of issues to work through. Counselling is offered in blocks of 8 sessions. This helps to maintain the integrity of the service provided. As a charitable organisation, we work on a purely suggested donation basis for each session.

      Email: [email protected]

      Children's counselling and therapy covering UK Wide online and St Helens & Southport Centres for in Person Sessions


      0333 358 0343

      Category: Parent Coaching - helping parents deal with every day life and children's problems