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When is the right time to move my child from Cot to a Bed or a Bed to a Bunk Bed?

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So your little baby is growing fast, only yesterday they were babe-in-arms and relied completely on you for everything. Now you have a toddler, developing a sense of independence and wanting to do everything for themselves. So, when do you move them from their cot to their First Bed?

Well there is no exact rule for it and you will know your own child best - but it is going to be around the 18months to 3 year mark. My own son is still in his cot approaching his third Birthday and we are now starting to prepare for the transition.Boys beds

Transition I hear you cry? Well that depends on what is happening in your life. If it is the first child and number two is arriving then bear in mind that you don’t want to switch too much as their new brother or sister arrives, that will be an upheaval for them already. 6 weeks before your due date is recommended to move a child to a new bed, and remember kid’s beds take about 10-20 days to arrive.

Of course, we all love to plan and take our time doing things, however sometimes needs must. If your child is trying to climb out of the cot, then you need to move fast. Falling from the top of a cot will cause far more injury then rolling off a bed asleep. Its time for a bed and Children’s Funky Furniture has a choice beds to choose from.

So, they are in their new bed now, what else do you have to think of? Well they are free to roam when they like now, so a stair gate on the door will help keep them in the one room until you want them out. But, that is not all you have to think about. Climbing on book cases, touching radiators, other items they you have not worried about before because either you have been there or they have been safely in a cot. Take time, check the room, secure anything that could tumble, be climbed on etc.Bunk beds

You also need to think that they have been able to sleep next to bars in their cot, safe that they don’t roll anywhere, so when they move into a new bed it is possible over the first few nights they are going to have some surprises of arms, legs or (lets hope not) themselves rolling over the side of the bed. So, we want to make sure they are in a good place before you start the move hence the word transition. You might want to put extra pillows on the floor next to the bed in case they do roll off, or use a guard.

If this is number two child, then it will be much easier, they are probably desperate to be like their big brother or sister so will want a bed much earlier, but who gets a brand-new bed? The younger or older child.Underbed storage

Well now is probably the time for a bunk bed for the older one, as friends that are coming over to play might now also include a sleep over. Although we always advise being 6 or over to sleep on the top bunk you know your children best and with some good guidance and practice during the day time with Mum or Dad, they should be safe at night. Remember you can’t just use a normal mattress on a top bunk, it is usually slightly thinner and the bed will have a mark on it where the mattress should not go over. This is vital, and an extra £100 for the right mattress in nothing compared to what might happen with the wrong one. At Children’s Funky Furniture not only do we supply beds but we can also supply the mattresses at the same time, along with matching storage solutions.

In either situation you may not be able to let your child choose their bed, but if you can, let them choose items, bedding, wall paper, book case etc. so they feel that they have been a part of the change and the new bedroom is theirs, make sure they invite everyone who comes to the house to see it, make them proud of their room and how it looks, it might even help with them keeping it tidy (well we can all hope!)


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