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Struggling with learning difficulties?

If you or your child is struggling with learning difficulties, you’re not alone. We have recently had the National Dyslexia Awareness Week and you may be surprised to hear that one in five people in the UK is said to have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

Many people will have heard of dyslexia, a learning difficulty that causes problems with learning language-based skills. However what parents often don’t realise is that in addition to symptoms such as trouble with reading, writing and spelling, it can also affect: concentration, short term memory, maths, coordination and communication skills. So, having difficulty paying attention, finding it hard to make friends and being prone to tantrums can all indicate a dyslexic condition.

Dyspraxia is less well-known than dyslexia and is sometimes referred to as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). People who suffer from this tend to have trouble with movement and co-ordination and can seem a bit clumsy to others. For kids, things like running, jumping, balancing and cycling can prove extremely challenging along with delicate tasks such as tying shoelaces, using cutlery and holding a pencil.

Some researchers believe that an inefficient cerebellum, the brain’s ‘skill development centre’ is the underlying cause in many cases of learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

So how can the Dore programme help? Dore is a drug-free, personalised programme of physical exercise aimed at making the cerebellum more efficient. It can help children aged 7 upwards, teenagers and adults. Thousands of people have successfully completed the programme over the last 10 years. It consists of:

  • An initial assessment with a fully qualified doctor
  • Daily access to myDore, a virtual internet based guidance and coaching system
  • Two sets of exercises (10 minutes each) every day
  • Progress visits every 3-4 months with an experienced coach
  • Additional measurement mechanisms to help chart progress, and
  • A completion assessment

The Dore programme has also been used by a number of schools across the country. One example is Springfields School in Wiltshire, a high-performing specialist sports college, where the programme helped pupils measurably increase their spelling and reading results.

At Dore, we understand that when a child finds learning difficult, especially when they are fairly bright, not only does it impact on their learning but also their self-esteem and confidence.

So if you or your child is struggling with learning difficulties, call one of our experienced Programme Consultants for a free consultation on 0333 123 0100.