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Space saving ideas for small bedrooms

Cabin beds for kids

A small bedroom can sometimes make you wonder how you are going to fit everything in the room. With a bed, wardrobes, a chest of drawers, bedside tables, and perhaps a desk it can be quite a stressful and expensive challenge. Every parent wants to provide their child with everything they can and with the unique designs of a mid sleeper or high sleeper bed they could be the answer to all your bedroom furniture woes.

As the terms mid and high sleeper suggest, the bed is raised from the floor to elevate the bed, freeing up space underneath to play around with. These style of beds also offer shelving units which can be personalised with pictures, books, and ornaments for your little one to add their own touch too.

If your youngster enjoys having friends over to stay then a spare bed underneath could be an ideal option, it also saves you having to set up a suitable sleeping area for your child’s friend. Alternatively if you would prefer to utilise the space with furniture you could incorporate their wardrobe and a chest of drawers underneath the bed. Quite a few mid and high sleepers have furniture built into their structure to offer maximum storage space and stability, it also saves you from having to spend more money on additional furniture.

Bed with desk


To encourage your teenagers education you might want to include a studying area in their bedroom. Although finding space for a desk and chair can be a little challenging, we have the ideal solution, a bed with a pull out desk! They can set up their desk for school activities, arts and crafts or for reading and once they are finished they can tidy away the desk and re­gain the floor space.

For those who don’t have the traditional shaped bedroom a single bed which offers drawers and cupboard storage as well as shelving units within the design of the bed could be a great combination. Gami have created this style of bed in a tall design which would be perfect for a narrow bedroom. The cupboards are situated behind the head of the bed and are also above along with a shelving unit, while the drawers are beneath the bed, all allowing maximum storage space.

For those who want a simple single bed that allows additional storage a Verona bed could be the right one for you. Made from solid pine the bed provides stability and also offers 4 pull out drawers which could allow you the storage facilities you need.

Bed with tent

If you want your child’s bedroom to also transform into a playroom why not consider a mid sleeper bed? They aren’t too high for little one’s, and they might enjoy the adventure to climb up into bed at night. Some mid sleeper beds have a curtain which acts as a secret den for them to play in and store their toys. We’re sure every child would love to have their very own tent in their bedroom and their parents would too, so the toys can be stored away without all of the mess and clutter.

When your teenager decides they are too mature for a single bed, a double bed may come into the equation however you might think you don’t have the space for it. A double bed with storage included would be the perfect combination for their bedroom. Parisot have provided just this; a double bed with underneath storage made accessible via a side door and an elevating mattress allowing space for you to enter and organise your child’s items. Shelving is also incorporated into the design which allows your son or daughter to personalise the bed with their own belongings.