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Mums Of Britain Be Warned, Label It Or Lose It!

Children's name labels

The shocking revelation that children quite often lose things was the message being strongly promoted by The Name Label Company this summer. Despite their clear interest in this, the underlying message to get childrens school uniform and possessions labelled is seen as highly advisable by experienced parents across the UK.

Despite the best attempts of supermarkets across the UK, school uniform is still an expensive outlay during the summer period for parents, and highly likely to go missing along with other possessions at some point in the school year. To witness the amount of missing clothing in the UK, simply go for a stroll around the block or ask to see the schools lost property box. We can tell you it’s usually a fairly large box.Find missing clothing

Ok I’m convinced - what type of labels are available?

There’s a whole host of labels in the market available, the main types to look for are iron-on, sew-on, tagg-on and stick-on.

Iron On Name Labels have improved dramatically over the years, with newer high-tech adhesives being used in these products. The main difference to look for is the application time. Cheaper labels (avoid them as they usually fall off!) tend to need three separate applications of a hot iron for each label, which soon adds up when you have piles of clothing to complete. The best on the market, like ONCE™ Iron On Name Labels only need a short, single blast of the iron and are guaranteed to stay on for life.

Sew On Name Labels are still popular. The traditional woven type is still made and their use is compulsory in a few schools still. There are also newer, high tech printed sew in labels now available. These labels are made from an extremely fine, nylon fabric which can almost feel like paper. They are incredibly tough though, can be cut to size without fraying and when washed, go very soft and silky smooth.

Tagg On Name Labels use a small plastic taggit to secure the label to clothing. These labels can be attached very quickly to uniform, but shouldn’t be used in socks Label your children's clothingor underwear (should you go to the extent of labelling underwear!) Stick On Name Labels come in two types - for clothing or personal possessions.

Personal possessions include such things as lunch boxes and beakers which kids take to school. Remember to check the labels are dishwasher proof in this case. You might also find smaller wrap on labels great to label pens, pencils, swimming goggles and glasses.

Sticky clothing labels usually need to be stuck on the washing care label. A good tip is to put them on the back of the washing label – so you can still read the washing instructions! Depending on the type you buy, they can marketed as semi-permanent or permanent labels. If you want the label to stay on forever, then iron on labels are usually a better choice.Labelling for allergies

Labelling school shoes is often overlooked, even though they are the most expensive item of ‘uniform’ purchased. Make sure to purchase labels specifically designed for shoes, normal stickers will soon rub off by the heat and movement of the foot in the shoe, rendering them useless. These special labels normally come with a fine, clear shield which is placed over the sticker to prevent wear.

If your child suffers from an allergy, do look for allergy specific labels. On these you can detail your childs allergy and any contact details needed.

One final tip – don’t leave ordering them to the last minute. Demand for labels close to the start of school term is very high, better to get them early rather than miss out!