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Konfidence, Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of premium swimming products for babies and children, has unveiled a unique new range of UV clothing this month. The collection comprises long-sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve sun suits, shorts, and legionnaire style hats for children aged six months to 14 years.

Konfidence is excited about the new range because it uses a material called PBT. PBT is already used in high-end sportswear because of its extraordinary properties and Konfidence now leads the way in using the inherent benefits of this material in the design of children’s UV clothing.

Mechanically strong, PBT is perfect for body-huggable clothing, and when compared to lycra, it is proven to retain its shape for longer, is far more chlorine resistant and able to maintain a greater consistency in its UBF 40+ protection rating over the life of the garment.

For ease of use, PBT is also quick-drying which means it is great for both in and out of the water – removing the need to dry little ones to prevent chills. Plus the sun suits for ages 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months incorporate crotch poppers to make nappy changing as easy as it can be.

The fabric is lighter too, and does not pull or snag like lycra when it comes into contact with rough surfaces, i.e. on the beach or in the garden - a key point for children, especially those too young to take special care of a lycra suit.

Andrew Regan, Founder of Konfidence, said; “PBT is made from a slightly thicker material making it ideal for children’s UV clothing because it is less prone to stretching and will last and protect for longer, offering parent’s best value for money.”

Konfidence launches the new colour co-ordinated range, which can be worn in or out of the water, in a choice of three bright and stylish colourways - nautical/cyan; dark pink/soft pink; and cyan/white.

To see the new UV clothing range – and Konfidence’s full range of baby swimming products, children’s buoyancy aids and sun protection clothing plus wetsuits and beach boots – visit or telephone 01566 777887

Amazing Treehouses from Rainbow Play Systems

These incredible treehouses can be built in most gardens and unlike normal treehouses they come with their own tree!

The attached example uses a 300 year old oak tree that was lying in a field in the Midlands. Weighing well over a ton the first challenge is actaully picking up the tree and moving to our warehouse.

Once back at base the tree is hollowed out by chainsaw and this process can take anything up to 2 days to complete. This includes shaping the doorway though which the adventures begin. When the tree is complete we can start work on the Bent and crooked fairytale house that sits on top. This is no ordinary house. There are no straight lines and the walls and roof are designed to look like they are falling down. The house is topped with the finest cedar shingles to complete the natural look.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to adding play features on to the treehouse. The side platform shown in the attached photo has bannisters made from the staves of cherry brandy barrels and from the platform you can walk through a crooked door in to the fairytale house or you can decend the 360 degree spiral tube slide.

If that is not enough you can climb the rock wall, climb along the monkey bars or relax lying on the birds nest swing.

Find out more HERE

Studio Film School

Lights! Camera! Action! Alongside acting and drama classes for children, Studio Film School also provide activities in filmmaking, animation and scriptwriting. Every child gets the opportunity to learn new creative skills from acting to directing to editing and camera operation as they make their own movie projects at weekend workshops or in the school holidays.

Members at Studio Film School gain a balance of new creative, technical and performance skills. Alongside new abilities in filmmaking, drama and animation members aged between 7 and 16 also boast improved confidence, communication and social skills as they experience the challenges and triumphs of working as a team and the entire creative production process. The range of activities available compliment one another to help to encourage awareness of visual arts and storytelling and also bring the additional benefits of improving literacy and IT skills.

 Each member compiles their own portfolio – their ‘showreel’ of achievements – and develops in each area as they progress onto new projects each term or holiday. Examples of movie projects made by the young crews and film stars include silent movies, Sci-Fi horrors, action adventures and a spy thriller based on James Bond. Check out some past productions on

 Workshops are delivered by film industry professionals and experienced drama educators who are all CRB-checked. To further enhance the opportunity for the children to learn from the professionals, there are also exciting opportunities to audition for TV and feature films and exclusive visits to TV and animation studios.

Click IT!

A unique company teaching IT Skills to pre-school children from 2 years old.

We all know that computer skills are an essential part of our children’s development, which are taught from an early age in the school curriculum. However, children from an age as young as two have shown their aptitude in learning and picking up ICT skills that go on to help them later in their education.

Click IT! has a unique educational programme that it  has been teaching to children in nurseries for the past ten years. It follows the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines and “it is as important as the 3 R’s” says founder Wendy Petersen. When Wendy’s daughter aged two began to take an interest in her computer, Wendy quickly realised that there wasn’t a great deal of tuition for pre school children. At Click IT! the children are taught computer skills through activities aimed at their age group, which are fun, educational and creative.

Award winning Click IT! is now expanding throughout the country through franchising, satisfying the great demand to teach children ICT in local nurseries. “Computers can aid creativity, self expression and developing verbal dexterity skills. They are a vital part of everyday life” says Wendy. “The children really look forward to their lessons and the nurseries love it too, as they are able to offer this unique programme taught by professional staff ensuring a full curriculum is achieved”.

For further information regarding the Click IT! franchise opportunity, please call 020 8429 7168 or visit