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Music & Singing Classes Are Important For Your Child's Development


Music and singing classes – a top to toe aid for child development


Participating in a pre school music and singing class encourages many important developmental skills for your child. Much more than just a ‘musical experience’, your child will learn and develop a range of important skills that will help to equip them for school and beyond.

Language and communication skills – singing songs is a fantastic way to boost early language skills and encourages important elements of language development such as auditory discrimination (the ability to detect similarities and differences when listening to sounds). Singing and making music is such a natural and enjoyable activity for children that they will find themselves engaging and joining in almost instinctively. Traditional nursery rhymes and silly songs (the sillier the better!) are great favourites and should be sung and repeated frequently.

Numeracy skills – counting songs are an obvious choice here (e.g. Five Currant Buns, 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe etc) as they introduce children to the concept of counting and encourage a familiarity with number names, patterns and values. According to Professor Gordon Shaw at the University of California, “Music helps children to learn maths. When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions and proportions". Singing counting songs with your child helps them to relate to their own personal experiences and to recognise numbers, patterns and sequences within their immediate environment.

Fine and gross motor control and coordination – babies use movement and sensory exploration to link up with their immediate environment and toddlers are biologically driven to use their bodies to develop their physical skills. Movement and physical exploration should not just be restricted to ‘action songs’. Look for a music group that will allow your child plenty of opportunity to explore and potter. A music class is a wonderful social experience that presents many interesting physical challenges for a young child. Choose a group that encourages this type of physical interaction - children should not be forced to remain seated during the class. Finger play rhymes, knee bouncers, balancing games, clapping games and manipulation of props and instruments also provide valuable physical experiences for your child.

Sensory experiences – as an adult you will probably find that you tend to veer towards a preferred method of learning (for example you may be more of a ‘visual’ learner or an ‘auditory’ learner). Children are very different however and will utilise 4 main ‘processes’ to engage and interact with their environment. These are: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile. A good music class therefore should provide your child with the opportunity to be constantly seeing, hearing, touching and ‘doing’ – an all round sensory experience for your child.

Confidence, social skills and independence – young children often find that they have little input or autonomy throughout the course of an average day. For example in today’s busy society, an 18 month old child will have very little control over what they wear, what they eat, where they go or who they spend time with. A group activity such as a music class provides them with the opportunity to start making these decisions for themselves within a safe and informal environment. Help your child to select their own instrument from the tub for example, but allow them to develop their own preferences and give them the freedom to move around, explore and interact with whoever they take a fancy to. There should be no rules or expectations of your child other than that they remain safe and have lots of fun.

Music Bugs provide play based and interactive music and singing classes throughout the UK for children aged newborn to 4 years. The emphasis is on creating a sensory and holistic environment where children can develop and socialise at their own pace.

Music Bugs classes are great fun with lots of fun activities and props to engage your child and keep them entertained. Expect traditional nursery rhymes, silly songs, action songs, knee bouncers and finger play rhymes as well as puppets, hobby horses, bubbles, pom poms, parachutes, teddies, chiffon carves, rhythm sticks and lots of lovely tactile percussion instruments.

Gently structured sessions and flexible age groups allow parents to choose a class most suited to their child’s individual needs with a choice of Baby Bugs (0-12 months), Mini Bugs (6 – 24 months) and Jumping Bugs (18months – 4 years). We also provide ‘Family Bugs’ classes (newborn to 4 years) which allow friends and family to come together to share the music making experience.

Contact Music Bugs on 0844 578 1010 to find your nearest class or to talk to us about our flexible franchise opportunity. Alternatively, please visit our website at