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Inspiring Creativity in Your Children - JumpingCLAY

Clay modelling for kids

Are we born creative? Is creativity a special talent? OR, is it something we learn along the way?

Regardless of the evidence many still believe that creativity is a virtue that some posses and others do not. This common misconception is not only incorrect, but may be the very thing that is holding us back. Creativity is about thinking imaginatively, asking questions, challenging, playing with ideas and exploring the world around us. Using your imagination and learning to express yourself, the way that you see the world, embarks you along a creative process and you may well stumble across something new, something original.

JumpingCLAY nurtures this creative process, inspiring children to express themselves, the way that they see the world. Each activity guides the imagination through a simple step-by-step creation process and each child will get to take its masterpiece home that day, and to treasure forever. Evidence suggest that nurturing this creative process in children, not only absorbs their imagination, but helps develop abilities far beyond arts & crafts, and may be a key component of future health and happiness.Teaching children to be creative

JumpingCLAY has developed a magical air drying modelling clay, completely mess-free, providing an easy medium helping us to foster the imaginations of our children. Using this unique material JumpingCLAY pioneers activities deigned to inspire, educate and entertain. Activities range from educationally themed workshops, after-school programmes, weekend clubs, holiday camps – JumpingCAMP – and entertaining creative kids birthday parties.

The material itself is quite difficult to explain and it must be felt, to be truly believed. Produced in 8 extremely bright colours that mix like paint, one can create any colour in the spectrum, mould into any form they like and simply leave it overnight to dry in the air. The relaxing jasmine scent helps focus the mind and as it does not stick to anything but itself, clean-up literally take seconds. Once dry finished creations may be treasured forever. The only question is – What will you create?

At your first workshop experience you will meet the basic shape characters, get a crash course in basic colour mixing and be guided step-by-step to create your very first masterpiece. Enrol in a programme and you will be amazed at what you can create in a matter of weeks. Watching your progress develop helps build confidence and you will be adding your own creative tweak, making the model you own, and bringing your imagination to life.Inspire children to be creative

Due to popular demand, JumpingCLAY launched it’s first full day kids holiday camp – JumpingCAMP - last year, and after the success of the first, more are set to open across the country this summer. Each day is made up of much more than just crafting with air-drying modelling clay, including a full activity programme of craft, sport, games, free play and much more. Each location provides a unique opportunity to learn about the world around us and your local JumpingCAMP is sure to inspire, educate and entertain.

If you are looking for a fun-packed activity promoting the creative process in your child, then JumpingCLAY is the perfect option for you. Using the online activity locator you can simply enter your postcode to discover the activity closest to home. And don’t worry if there isn’t a local option just yet, new branches and locations are opening all the time, with 5 new franchised activity providers coming on board within the UK this year.

Try it out at a 1 hour themed workshop, enrol in your local programme, or enjoy the full day experience of JumpingCAMP. There is also a huge range kits so you can continue the creativity in the comfort of your own home. Get a set of the colours and freestyle your own imagination. Or, create a lion, puppy, plane, or maybe a dinosaur with the step-by-step DIY kits. Whatever you choose, nurturing your kid’s creativity has just become a lot easier.

Happy Modelling!