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Commit your family to an active 2018!

Helping Keep Families Fit


Getting fit is all about making simple changes to your everyday life. Sign up to our monthly Fitter Families Newsletter at for lots of Simple, Achievable and Sustainable tips to help you and your family get started on your journey to an active 2018.


Keep Fit For Kids


How often are we guilty of committing to a New Year's resolution but fail to keep it up? Well if getting active and feeling healthy is yours this year then Fit For Sport are here to help you this time around.

For the Spring Term, Fit For Sport will be focusing on the first element of our vision; 'love being active and feeling healthy' where we will be showing how ALL children can enjoy taking part in FUN physical activity and how they will soon be reaping the health benefits from doing so.

Over the next few months we'll be offering activity ideas and healthy recipes at all of our clubs and camps, as well as through our newsletters, in order to help you and your children get started on their road to a healthy active lifestyle.


Keep Fit Regime for Families


To get you started why not try out our Game of the Month...

Mark out a square or rectangle using cones or something similar. Participants must stay in the area. Everyone jogs around the area and when the adult/leader calls out a type of bean, participants must react accordingly, for example:

  • Frozen beans - Stand still
  • Runner beans - Run on the spot
  • Chilli beans - Shake on the spot
  • Broad beans - Freeze in a wide shape
  • Jumping beans - Two footed/bunny jump on the spot

Everyone receives three lives, last player to react on each call loses a life.

Use your imagination to come up with different variations of beans/actions and add to the list.

Did you know? "All types of physical activity help keep your heart healthy - take the stairs instead of the lift, walk briskly around your local park or dance in your living room, every little helps."

Join Fit For Sport every school holiday at your local Activity Camp.
Being healthy and active is for all children and that is exactly why Fit For Sport camps offer such a vast range of fun activities to ensure that every child is engaged all day long.

Book 2 weeks in advance of an activity to take advantage of our reduced early prices.
Visit or call us on 0845 456 3233 to secure your place.


Keeping families fitter for longer lives