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Art classes and arts & crafts clubs for children. Teaching kids arts and crafts skills within your area. Activities include pottery making and painting, bear making and art classes. Companies also supply art s & crafts products and kids craft kits. Arts and crafts birthday parties are a great way to entertain while being creative!

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Arts & crafts and sewing for kids Share

Parties, Afterschool Classes & Workshops where children have fun & create!

Our inspirational Teachers and Party Hosts truly love what they do and find ways to pass on to your children their passion for creating. We keep a firm focus on fun and there’s always something for them to bring home so they can proudly share with family and friends. Splatter Make is a confidence booster, where children are given the freedom to explore all things creative. Our relaxed and enthusiastic approach bolsters self-esteem and encourages your child to think out of the box.

We run after school classes, weekend workshops, school holiday classes and crafty workshop style parties.

Our studio is quirky and stunning, based in the Mansion House inside Beckenham Place Park between Beckenham, Kent and Lewisham, South London but our parties can travel within the London & Home Counties.

Every holiday we put on a whole range of craft, art and textile workshops and a classes. Sewing, Crafting, Decorating, Making and just having fun. Classes run from 1hr to whole day specialist workshops. Check out the website for what’s on and when.

Our sewing teachers are professionally trained to their field of expertise and super skilled! Each term the children work on projects across the 5-week term such as dressmaking, toy design, up-cycling/re-vamping or accessories. The children learn new sewing skills and as these grow so do the types of projects they work on. It’s truly impressive what they do! We have all the equipment and the children learn how to sew safely on adult sewing machines. We give them responsibility to be independent and handle the machine in a safe, sensible way and inspire hobbies, life skills and potential school “options” for teenagers.

We run one-off classes for children to learn how to use a sewing machine and, if they can’t make our after school clubs, we always have a great range of workshops for the school holidays and our Sewing Bee Party is incredibly popular too!

Stitch Club runs Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays after school for 8-12yrs and monthly Teens Sewing.

Learn to Use A Sewing Machine – 8yrs+
Get your Sewing Machine Driving Licence! In this fun and really original one-off class, it does not matter if you do not have a machine (Yet!) this is aimed to get you Right on track and you will leave wanting to sew SEW much, boys & girls all love this class! In our 2.5 hour class we:

  • Explain all the basic bits of the machine
  • Learn How to set up and thread the machine
  • Learn the basic stitches you need to sew in straight lines, pivot and turn corners
  • Use some of the decorative stitches
  • Using our skills we make a simple project

Splatter Make parties are designed around a workshop feel, so they are perfect for smaller groups, maximum 15 children.

T-shirts or Bag Hand Printing Party - 6yrs +
A smash hit with children because they love to create designs that they can then wear or pop put on their shoulder. The party peeps are introduced to the Art of Printing using stencils (designed by us) and images to create their own look. After planning their designs they will then be shown how to get the best from the colours and hand-printing techniques to achieve different finishes.

Choose your theme:

  • Some Like it Hot: Flamingos, Pineapples, Palm Trees & Cacti
  • Fantasy: Unicorn, Dragons, Fairies & Mermaids
  • Music: Headphones, Record Players & Instruments

Kool Kites Party – 8yrs+
Kite making is pretty kool for boys and girls especially for those who enjoy getting crafty with their pals. We kick off with some practice paper giving you a chance to play around with some designs and ideas. You have total freedom! It could be your nick name, an original abstract design, a favourite character or step it up and get a bit more artistic with a Picasso or Salvador Dali look – the choice is yours!

Finally we finish off with the essential touches to make up the kite, adding sticks, bridle line and kite tails.

Up-Styling Sleepover Bag – 9yrs+
Bags, Bags and more Bags! Yes it’s a fact; we all love a Bag that is why you and your pals will have such a “bagtacular” time up-styling your own.

We start off with some creative brainstorming looking at colours, accessories, feature characters and shapes, this means we can play around, change our minds and add in any last minute tweaks.

We get nifty with the scissors cutting out featured silhouette and embellishments. Finally we finish off placing and stabilising everything into place, adding the essential touches to make up the bag look super attractive and personalised.

Everyone goes home with a great shoulder bag that can be perfect for sleepovers, school books, holidays and weekend shopping trips. There’s also a crash course of tassel and pom pom making, these will be added to your bags and, if we have time, you can make a few extras for things like matching key ring holder or hair ties.

Unicorn Craft Party - 4–6yrs
This is the perfect party for those that love to cut, stick, make and create. AND, of course, love Unicorns, Rainbows and something magical. There’s plenty of work to do at this party such as decorating a Unicorn Doorway, which is a “must” if you want to invite a Unicorn into your life. Deciding on the name your Unicorn responds too. Designing a Unicorn Head Band that really must be worn at the party tea and, this is very important, Signing Contracts about how to welcome a Unicorn into your home. (Adults you’ll need to abide by the rules too!). Of course some fun games along the way.

Arty Crafty Paint Brush Party - 4–6yrs
We get the party going by all finding the Paint Brushes that have been hidden around the party room and once found we start to give that brush a personality; bring him/her/it to life with our crafty bits and bobs.

Our paint pots are then popped open and we begin painting. We encourage abstracts, self portraits or a whatever the little artists decide to do on their canvas boards there are no rules; the only challenge is to secretly feature their paintbrush character somewhere in their picture.

Lastly we place the paintbrush pal into a special box so it can travel home safely, sleep well at night and go on road trips, visit friends or pop into school.

Graffiti Premium Party– 10yrs+
The party kicks off with each party peep thinking about designs and techniques, finding out how to create a Tag name that stands out, looks impressive and sums up their character or how they want to express themselves.

After the planning and design part is complete we head outside and get going with the spray cans. Our teacher-artist controls it all and there are definitely skills to be learnt! Canvasses are then sprayed up and then taken back to be finished off using specialist graffiti pens that will add in the fine detail, bringing their designs to life.

Along the way everyone will help create a large-scale graffiti board and Dave will add the magic to finish off so that your birthday girl/boy has a superb keepsake for their bedroom or your living room!

We supply all the equipment, including safety glasses and facemasks but we advise that you “dress for mess and not in your best to impress” as things can get a little messy. This is a controlled artistic party – not a free for all paint ball style party! It suits those that love to do something different and want to understand how graffiti artist learn how create street art.


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Viewing 41-41 of 41 entries