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Summer Camp fun for Children this School Holiday

Children’s Summer Camps – Independence, Confidence and Friends

Kids and teenagers love adventure holidays – they experience exciting new activities, learn impressive skills, make lots of friends and develop greater self confidence. Meanwhile parents can relax, knowing their children are in great hands and completely involved from dawn to dusk.

An activity holiday, or children’s summer camp is different to a family holiday or school outing. Children can be their own person and learn to make decisions for themselves. This helps them discover their true potential and achieve far more than they expected.

With more of today’s children having fewer opportunities to play together outside, summer camps are more valuable than ever with acres of freedom to enjoy themselves safely and securely in the fresh air. They’re independent but supervised, outdoors but in sight, learning but not realising it.

Developing social skills and confidence is a big part of a summer camp adventure. To help them get the most from each experience and bring out the best in your child, activity holidays, like those supplied by PGL adventure holidays, are tailored to age ranges. This ensures no one feels out of their depth. Children are looked after in small groups, giving them all the individual attention and instruction they need.

So whether your child is a boisterous action figure who’s bursting with energy, or perhaps a more gentle type, who’s characteristically reserved and cautious, well organised summer camps know just how to ensure they get the very most from every minute of their day.

With so much to do and so many friends to make, your child will have little opportunity to feel homesick and instead will return home full of excitement, rib-tickling stories and the happiest memories that will last for years to come.

PGL Adventure Holidays

With more than 50 years experience pioneering children’s adventure and activity holidays, PGL’s mission has always been to provide children with a unique mix of ‘adventure, freedom and friendship’, delivered in a safe and caring environment. PGL offer both 4 and 7 night breaks at a selection of centres across the UK and France. However, for a limited time PGL are offering new customers the chance to experience what a PGL holiday can offer before booking a longer holiday – with their 1 and 2 night Introductory Adventures, specifically created for children who haven’t been to PGL before, to give them a unique ‘first taste’ of all the exciting benefits a PGL adventure holiday can offer.

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