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Your children have probably seen some quad bikes on holiday, or their friends have them already and simply just want one now! In this article we plan to tell you a little more about the electric quad bike options and the benefits to help you make some informed choices, rather than your children just expecting you to purchase the first one that you see that seems to have the right colour!

Quad bike sizes:

As a rule, there are 3 different sizes of quad bikes, often referred to a ‘mini’, ‘larger’ or ‘adult size’Quad bikes for children

‘Mini quads’: the smallest of all quad bike sizes, ideally suited as a started quad for the youngest children, looking at numerous manufacturing sites, you would be led to believe that they are the correct size for children aged around 4 to about 12 years of age, however, this isn’t our experience and whilst we agree with the starting age (actually it depends on their own ability to co-ordinate) we would suggest that the maximum age for this size of quad to be around 8 years of age

One of the comments of these mini quads is that they look very small, and indeed they are, but our opinion on the size is one that they are deliberately low to the ground, to avoid them tipping over, yet on inspection the ride height is not affected, in-fact the seating position seems to be very similar for all quad bike sizes

‘Larger quads’: now, these look more like full sized quads, these are also a great starter quad, typically better build quality, definitely more substantially built, as you would probably expect, a much higher cost option, however, expect to obtain at least several years usage out of these, with suitable age range starting at around 4 years old, these are certainly the right size and weight restriction to take your children well into teenage years if you want it too

You may also notice that these types of quads are often also referred to as ‘professional’ quads, often seen at well-known activity centres or often hired out for children’s birthday parties for example

‘Adult quads’: these are much more serious! Often much bigger than mini or larger quads, much better build quality, many more dials and features, quicker and more expensive!

Ideal for late teenage years right through to adult years and often seen being used by grandparents!

Weight restrictions:

Most of these quad bikes have fairly unlimited weight restrictions, most of them will allow a rider weight of maximum 80KG for the children’s quads and up to 105KG for the adult quads, so this does not seem to be one of their restrictions for everyday use


Safety tip for riding quad bikesOne of the questions us parents always want to know the answer to, but our children seem less interested! One great advantage of electric quads over petrol quads is that via the grip throttle you can control the maximum speed that the quad bikes can travel, typically, most electric quad bikes have 3 (sometimes 2) parental speed control settings, this means that the quad can be restricted to at its maximum setting literally travel at a snail’s pace!

Looking over various online resources, it is common that the initial slow setting can be restricted to a maximum ride speed of 5mph, which is around walking speed, to up to 20mph in the fastest setting, that might not seem that fast to us drivers, but when you are low to the ground, and your perception of speed is limited, it will seem very fast indeed, in-fact, one of the obvious signs that your child has poor speed perception is when they try and make an ‘about turn’ at speed! This of course, is one of the many learning curves your child will face with their new quad bike!

Most of the adult quads we have looked at have a maximum speed of around 30mph, again fast enough especially when you are off-roading


Electric quads means no petrol to mix or use, very little components on the quad bike itself that could be hot to the touch (apart from the motor) and electric quads are near silent!

Quiet means that you will not be restricted to using these quads at certain times of the day for fear of upsetting the neighbour’s, these often make no more noise than any other electric vehicle, often quieter because these have real rubber tyres, not plastic ones, which seem to keep the noise very restricted

As with any motorised or fast moving toy, it is always advised to get your children well protected with gloves and a helmet as a minimumSports quad bikes for kids

The law:

In truth, this is a big grey area! But one that you need to know about, all electric quads are classed as toys, also they are off-road only and should be restricted to private land, the off-road legality always gets questioned, but we advise that if you would not be happy to let your 4 year old ride their bike on a main road, why would you consider letting them ride a quad on a busy road?

We imagine at some point that this grey area will be addressed, but we cannot see matters changing too much

Still got more questions? Feel free to contact me, happy to reply to all questions!

Written by Richard Pakey
Managing Director of
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