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Innovative Childcare Solution!


Struggling to work whilst trying to hide the stress of finding reliable childcare is a very common problem. For most families school holidays bring extra headaches as the usual mix of relatives, childminders and “activity clubs” has to be juggled, whilst trying to stick to work commitments and praying that no one lets you down!

This relentless search to find flexible and appropriate childcare during school holidays became the inspiration of a new company with a unique solution. “Just Holiday Nannies” was launched by Shirley Illsley and is currently based in London and South East. The company specialises in stimulating, professional childcare to either substitute or supplement term time childcare.

The company’s innovative solution (and strength) is providing trainee or qualified teachers to care for children in the family home (or you could take them away with you) during school holidays. Creating a safe, reliable and fun environment these experienced professionals are more than capable of taking sole charge (if needed) and soon become a stimulating and valued addition to the family. Although teachers by trade, they never forget children are on holiday and equipped with a wide and varied range of skills, sports and crafts to suit children of all ages and interests. By coming into the family home, children have the luxury of a “lie in” (well after all they are on holiday) leaving parents to go off to work on time and in the knowledge everyone’s in very safe hands.

Just Holiday Nannies are encouraged to talk through ideas for each day’s activities with parents to ensure there are no surprises and levels of supervision and discipline are upheld. Good communication is essential throughout the “holiday” period and will encompass everything from daily expenses for trips, pocket money, policies for friends coming to stay through to travelling arrangements and time spent playing video games or on the computer. As teachers, some tutoring on certain subjects is often also available at extra charge.

Each nanny is carefully selected to provide a good match for each family and hours/days can be tailored to reflect exact needs, making it cost effective solution where you are always in control. Whether its someone to come in and take sole charge 5 days a week for a 6 week period or just an extra pair of hands to help out with a half term ski trip, Just Holiday Nannies aims to provide the right childcare solution.

Although Just Holiday Nannies like to get to know families well in advance of the holiday, they can also respond to a crisis. Within 2 hours of taking a call from France they recently came to the rescue of a Mum with a broken leg who needed help to bring her 3 children (all under 5 years) finish their holiday and get back home.

How does it work, well families should start by visiting to find out more details about fees, costs and the overall process or taking on a Just Holiday Nanny. For those who haven’t considered employing a nanny before, Just Holiday Nannies also provide information packs and guides to give practical advice and help from interviewing techniques to employment law.