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An Alternative to Expensive Private Tuition


Online tuition for children in maths, english and science

Private tuition is expensive. Look at the alternatives

We’ve all been there; our most precious possession is struggling at a certain topic and no matter what, they can’t quite grasp it. We would do anything to help them understand and private tutors know it.

In a survey conducted by, parents in the UK spend over £6 billion pounds a year on private tuition, with over ¼ of parents using private tuition.

Parents blame inadequate school support as the reason, but most say they can’t afford what is seen as a necessity

The survey found that more than a quarter (28%) of all families are using private tuition to supplement their child’s education and increasingly parents are seeing extra support outside of school as a must, not a nice to have.

Private tuition is expensive. On average parents using private tuition spend a staggering £2,758 per child every year.

When asked why they use private tuition, nearly 1 in 3 parents said it’s because their child isn’t getting the support he/she needs at school. This compares to 1 in 2 parents not using private tuition because it’s too expensive. This is a damming indication of the state of the nation’s education system, where many parents feel the need to provide extra tuition, but simply cannot afford it. So what are alternatives for parents?

Do It Yourself tuition

New products like have been designed specifically to disrupt the private tuition market and offer parents a cost effective, viable alternative; giving parents the confidence to help their child’s learning, but without having to pay a fortune. The service is designed specifically to make things quick and easy.

EdPlace provides interactive resources across the Curriculum in English, maths & science. These resources are automatically marked and tracked. Based on their child’s scores, EdPlace suggests resources that best suit their needs and shows parents how their child is performing over time and against their peer group.

DIY tuition with a tool like is easy, fun and saves parents’ time and money. It gives parents’ the confidence to teach their child and help them get ahead. It does all of this at a fraction of the cost of a private tutor. Mike Marchant (former Head of Education at the Mercer’s Company) commented:

“As an experienced school head I know that children respond best where varied techniques are used to support their learning. A resource such as EdPlace is a really useful addition to the studying they do in and out of school and gives students and parents easy and affordable access to extra help in core subjects'. Whether parents can or can’t afford a private tutor, there are viable alternatives; they just need to know where to look.”

Visit EdPlace to try out a sample worksheet and to sign up for a 14 day trial for ONLY £1. Try unlimited access to our Interactive worksheets. Cancel anytime: SEE HERE